If you’ve looked into having a retaining wall built, you’ve likely come across some terms you don’t know. While retaining walls may seem simple on the outside, there is a variety of materials and building processes for you to choose from. One of the types of retaining wall you can choose is a gravity wall.

Gravity Walls

Gravity walls rely on their mass- whether this comes from stone, concrete, or another heavy material- to resist the pressure of whatever it is they are retaining. On a smaller scale, gravity walls are great for short landscaping walls. Oftentimes, these walls do not require mortar or a rigid footing, making them more flexible. However, gravity walls can still be used on a much larger scale.


One of the most popular retaining wall materials on the market: Redi-Rock. The blocks interlock with each other, giving the wall strength and integrity. Remember playing with Lego blocks as a kid? Now imagine those blocks weighed approximately one ton each! Companies all over the county are using Redi-Rock for its durability and versatility.


Ready-Rock blocks are made out of architectural grade concrete. Because of this they are extremely heavy but also incredibly durable. They can go much longer without maintenance than other types of retaining wall materials.

Their size and weight also allows you to build walls up to 24 feet tall before you are required to use tie-in reinforcements. This of course, depends on soil composition and conditions. However, that is 75% higher than other retaining wall materials.

Redi-rock blocks are made to mimic the look of real stone. Their patterns include:

  • Cobblestone
  • Ledgestone
  • Limestone

These patterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes so every Redi-Rock wall turns out looking amazing. There are blocks 41 inches wide but also as small as 16 inches, so you can get the look you’re after no matter what. There are even stairs and caps to give your finished project a more polished look.


Like with any retaining wall, a Redi-Rock wall has a myriad of uses. From residential and commercial landscaping projects to privacy walls, Redi-Rock walls can be integrated with any kind of environment. Because they are free-standing you can even use them to elevate signs, or as garden planters. Another great use for Redi-Rock walls is added protection from errant traffic.

Your Next Retaining Wall

Whether you want a retaining wall for residential, commercial, or infrastructural use, Redi-Rock has you covered. If you have questions or are ready to start construction on your one retaining wall, get in touch with us today!